Keren is the boyfriend of Kalena and
Keren - Copy (2)


the father of Paracen. He is full Mininsa Jiin. He is collective, headstrong, and stubborn. Keren would do anything to protect his family.

Keren's PowersEdit

Keren is a mental and a physical fighter. He has Pyrokinesis and Electrokiensis. Pyrokinesis allows him to be able to control and bend fire. Electrokiensis allows him to be able to control, bend and create electricity. Keren can also go Super Orodon and he loves fighting.

Later onEdit

Keren meets Kalena before they join the Z-Fighters. They were long time friends so when when they get their powers tested they decide to come meet Calcite. Then they join the Z-Fighters. After 2 years they find out Kalena is pregnant with a baby girl they name Paracen. He and Kalena never marry but they do stay together until the end.


Keren is collective, headstrong and stubborn. He is clever and he is devious. He is noble and quiet. Keren loves his family and he loves fighting.


-Is full Mininsa Jiin

-Has Pyrokiensis

-Has red ki

-His most dormant power is Photokiensis

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