King Orodon is ruler of the planet Mininsa Jiin. He is the husband to Queen Mininsa. He is also the father of Scout, Scorp, Razz , Fira, Phoenix, Peach, Plum, Hazel, Otto. His father ruled the planet Orodon then he took the throne at 15 with Mininsa who was only a princess at that point, he marries her and she becomes his queen. When planet Orodon is blown up by Frieza they actually buy a planet from him to keep him at bay that's how they came to live on Mininsa. He rules the planet with a firm but understanding hand and with Mininsa and the children at his side he is content with his large job and responsibilities. He loves and cares deeply for his people at would anything to keep them safe. He is in fact a Shinhan, the Shinhan came from his mothers side and they have helped rule the planet for thousands of years. He is a fighter and he fights rarely but he does train and watch his children train. When he does fight he almost always wins and he has his family to back him. King Orodon is a great ruler of the planet and he always does his best for his people, his family and for the planet.

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