King Yemma:Edit


King Yemma runs the Check-In Station in the area between Other World and Earth. He checks in the person and then tells them whether they go above or below. Those who go below must pass through the Spirit Cleanser. Those who go above get taken by a small car that travels a paved light road, where they are then left to enter the gates of Other World. Jace and Talina have the power to travel through dimesions and realms, so they can visit either Hell, the Check-In station or Other World at will or with the help of a portal. Both of them worked for Yemma and that's actually how they became Majin, on orders from Yemma they went to Hell to fight Babidi. While Talina is in Hell Jace works for Yemma. When she returns they began working for him again. King Yemma is kind yet firm and has the best interest of all souls when they enter the Check-In Station.

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