Koropii is the guardian character of

Koropii first meets Melinda.

Melinda. She was given to Melinda by Gabriel and Senta. Koropii gives Melinda the confidence and self essteam that she needs to face the crazy life she has.

Koropii's Character Purpose/How She Came to be with MelindaEdit

Guardian characters are found in the spirit of things that children love. They can be freed and thats how he was given to Melinda. Gabriel new that his sister just wanted a normal non crazy life. But the life they had before he got hurt was crazy, violent and nothing close to normal. Her heart longed for a normal life where she could play and have a family that didn't drink, do drugs or hurt her. That yearning created Koropii. Gabriel discovered Koropii, then he and Senta gave her to Melinda.

Her purpose as Melinda's guadian character is...

Koropii gives Melinda the confidence and possitive attitude she needs to face her crazy life. She helps Melinda find balance so she can face her crazy, abnormal life


Koropii is kind, hard headed and quick. She hates stress and she doesn't handle it well, she can become very vain when she is stressed. She is quiet but she can always make you smile.


-Was created from Melinda's yearning of a normal life

-Was given to Melinda by Gabriel and Senta

-Specializes in Kromokinesis

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