Levi is the son of Erebus and Nyx. He is also the
Levi pissed

Levi Shinhan Kale Moret.

twin of Topaz. He is stubborn, headstrong, but over all he is a nice guy. Levi loves to fight and he fights with his siblings, cousins and teammates along with the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen2.

Levi's PowersEdit

Levi is a mental and a physical fighter. He has Electrokinesis and Quantokinesis. Electrokinesis allows him to be able to control and create electricity. Quantokinesis allows him to control matter on a moleculer level. Levi loves to fight and he would do anything to protect his family and the innocent, also his twin sister Topaz (he is also close to her).

Later onEdit

Levi meets Elite when she and Eboni join the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen2. They have an instant connection and soon they are dating. 2 years later they are married and then they finds out that Elite is pregnant with a girl they name London.

Levi and elite

Levi and Elite.


Levi is stubborn, headstrong but he is over all a nice person. He loves to help others and he loves to fight. He is kind and very understanding, he is always their to help.


-He is the oldest son of Erebus and Nyx

-Looks up to Tien and his father Erebus

-He has sea green ki

-Has Quantokinesis

-He is older than Topaz (He is born November 14th at 10:52 and Topaz is born November 14th at 10:54)

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