Malachite is the oldest of Garnet and Dante's triplets. She is a born

Malachite (:happy:)

leader and a born fighter. She leads the Z-Fighters/Gen2 as second in command (along side Yelena and Avelynn). She and her sisters Serpentine, Aventurine and Varscite are at her side in every battle (they are very close). She does everything she can to protect the world.

Malachite's PowersEdit

She has Hydrokinesis, Terrakinesis and Aerokinesis. Hydrokinesis allows her to control water and any other liquids. Terrakinesis allows her to be able to control and bend rocks and earth. Aerokinesis allows her to be able to control the air and weather. Malachite fights in honor of her mother Garnet.

Later onEdit

When Malachite goes to Mininsa to take rule with her sisters she is assigned a guard a girl by the name of Critia. She and her guard and they become best friends. Then one day she tells her that she is in love with one of the palace hands a boy by the name of Jarome. Critia is stunned and she helps Malachite find a way to talk to the him. He is stunned but he expresses his feelings for her. They keep their love a secret for a while then when she is 17 she finds out she is pregnant with a girl they name Emerald. She tells her parents and they help her find a way to marry him. They are married 2 months later. Malachite loves her family very much and she would do anything for them.


Malachite is loud, out spoken and she has a bitchy streak like Garnet . She is a born leader and she can sure fight. She is good at drawing people to her and they listen to her without a second thought.


Malachite is the oldest (She is born May 3rd at 11:54 and Aventurine is born at 11:57 Variscite was born May 4th at 12:06)

-She is just like her mother Garnet

-She is a born leader

-Has Aerokinesis

-Has green ki

-Her most dormant power is Pyrokinesis