In the regular DBZ Timeline Marron was NOT a fighter but in Maja Future
Goten and marron

Goten and Marron <3

she is. She is the daughter of Krillin and Android 18, she has a sister but she is adopted her name is Vinna. They are close and they share crushs, secrets and they know they can trust one another.

Marron's PowersEdit

Marron has all of 18's techniques as well as all Krillin's powers/techniques. She is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Metakinesis, it allows her to be able to bend and control metal. She also has a techique called "Boost" it allows her to be able to boost her energy up the to the strength of an SSJ 5, the power surge only lasts 8 minutes.

Later OnEdit

Marron meets Goten at an early age and as they grow older they develope a crush on each other. They start dating at 15 and they marry when they are 19. They have 2 kids, Mikailla and Liliie. Marron loves Goten and the kids and she would do anything for them.


Marron is kind and meek. She is more of a back up fighter and she likes to keep a low profile. She loves her family and she and Vinna are really close. She is noble and trusting, always trying to see the better side of people.


-Has Destructo Disk

-Is a fighter

-Vinna is her adopted sister

-Has light pink ki

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