Master ShenEdit

Master Shen also known as the Crane Hermit is the arch rival of Master Roshi. They weren't always enemies but
Master shen=crane hermit

Master Shen at the WMAT.

after loosing against King Piccolo he became cold, ruthless, but most of all evil and thirsty to win. He and his brother Tao were always fighting but one time when thier tensions between each other grew so much that they fought each other over a bowl of spilled rice. After that, they didn't speak for a while.


But anyways he had Tien and Chiatzu as students. He and Tao trained them but after the WMAT and lossing 2 of his prized students he cracked down on his other students. He and Tao traveled recruting students and taking most by force. He and Tao so badly wanted talented students that they traveled to New Mininsa and stole children from poor villages. They also travele
Tao and shen fight

Shen and Tao fighting.

d to Hettavil, Yardron, and Kariva to recrute students and no one could stop them. After all this he started training the new recrutes to fight Tien and the other Z-Fighters. Shen looses to the Shinhans but Tao does survive and he continues his brothers work.

Motto/Saying of hisEdit

"Your heart is cold and ruthless. It warms my own."


-He lost to King Piccolo

-He and Roshi used to be "friends"

-He is older than Tao