Mayleen is the 2nd oldest of Bron and Amaya's triplets. She is also the

Mayleen watching Bron and the others training for the Budokai Tournament.

11th oldest child. Mayleen is both a physical and a mental fighter. She always has Mirai and Jayleen's backs and they have hers. Mayleen is also close to older siblings Tien, Dede (Dendera), Neivia, Starz, Kadrance, Mia, Tariah, Orchid and Columbine. She is closest to Tariah and Columbine. Mayleen has access to Hydrokinesis, Plirokinesis and Aerokinesis. She has a quiet personality like Bron she is not afraid to speak her mind.

Mayleen's Powers Edit

Mayleen is both a physical and mental fighter. She has access to Hydrokinesis which allows her to control anything liquid. Plirokinesis allows her to be able to control and munipulate information. She has a special technique called "Anonymous" it allows her to slip inside someones mind and take their information without being detected. Aerokinesis allows her to control air or anything to do with atmosphere and even weather. Mayleen also has a dormant power called the " Astral Transportation" it allows her to form a shield around her or the people she wantes to transport. She used when assasains tried to kill her Mirai and
Mayleen teen o

Mayleen teen =)

Jayleen. She got Mirai, Jayleen and herself out of their and then she went back to get Mia, Kaleb, Tariah and Nagihiko. Once she returned with them she fainted because the attack drained her. She woke up 4 days later and Jayleen and Amaya explained what happened. She understood and tried to access this power but she failed she realized that she could only access the power when she is in a state of extreme anguish. She doesn't mind it but she wants to understand her new power. Mayleen is an incredibly talented fighter both physically and mentally.


Mayleen's personality is quiet but she is not afraid speak her mind. She is not the sort of person you want to mess with because when you make her mad you will regret it. Mayleen does have a softer side and she only reveals that side to her friends and famiy.
Mayleen and marret

Mayleen and Marret <Kiss>

Later OnEdit

When Mayleen, Jayleen and Mirai turned 13 they were called to New Mininsa to rule. Upon arrival she was assigned a guard, his name was Marret. She instantly fell for him and he did the same for her. They date for 3 and half years then as a twist she finds out she is pregnant with their daughter Cria. She loves Marret and Cria to bits even though she and Marret never marry but they do remain life partners until the end.


-She is closest to Tariah, Columbine, Mirai and Jayleen

-She uses "Anonymous" when she uses her Plirokinesis

- "Astral Teleportation" is her most dormant power

-Mayleen only lets her soft side show to her friends and family

-Mayleen is the second oldest of Bron and Amaya's triplets

-She has teal blue ki

-Her daughter will be part of the crown of New Mininsa