Melissah is the wife of

Melissah Corran-Brief.

Trunks, she is also the mother of Cameron, Fiere and Tammi. She is sweet, meek and quiet. Melissah is 1/2 saiyan and 1/2 human. She is also part of the Order of the Claw, with the Tiger Spirit.

Melissah's Powers

Melissah is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Electrokinesis and Revitakinesis. Electrokinesis allows her to be able to control, bend and create electricity. Revitakinesis allows her to be able to bring anything to life (and no she can't bring dead people back to life). Melissah can also Super Saiyan and she has Tiger Spirit. These are the Tiger Spirit traits; good eyesight, speed and agility. Melissah loves to fight and she joins the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen2 shortly after she and Trunks start dating.

Later on

When Melissah is 16 she meets Trunks, he finds her at a dock and she looks sad. She tells him her brother was
Melissah and trunks

Trunks and Melissah <Kiss>

killed by the androids and she had no where to go. He sat their with her and they starting hanging out. They meet at the dock 2 times a week and they start dating. They marry a year and a half later and they have 3 children together. The oldest a boy named Cameron, the second oldest a girl named Fiere, and the youngest a girl named Tammi. Melissah loves her family and she would do anything for them.


Meslissah is a leader and she does a lot on her own. She is quiet and meek. She is a bit shy around people but she loves to help.


-Meets Trunks when she is 16

-Has pale purple ki

-Is part of the Order of the Claw

-Is 1/2 saiyan

-She has Tiger Spirit

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