Mickey is the daughter of Gohan and

Mickey Son.

Videl. She is also the little sister to Jacon, older sister to Pan and the twin sister to Emmie. Even though Mickey is adopted she is a full blooded saiyan. She is fostered by them until age 3, then they adopt she and Emmie when she is 4. She is devious, sarcastic and quiet. Mickey loves fighting and she loves the thrill of a fight.

Mickey's PowersEdit

Mickey is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Hydrokinesis, Necrokinesis and Haemokinesis. Hydrokinesis allows her to be able to control and bend liquids. Necrokinesis allows her to rapidly deterirate the health condition of another living being. Haemokinesis allows her to be able to control and bend the blood in another body. Mickey can also go SSJ until level 6. She also has the spirit of the Vulture. These are the techniques the Vulture gives her; strength, destructive nature, good sense of tracking. Mickey is an extremly skilled fighter and she loves fighting.

Later onEdit

Mickey meets Kadrance when she and Emmie join the Z-Fighters. They were living up at Korin Tower and being trained by Korin. He starts flirting with her her and she finds him charming (according to her:) They start hanging out and they form a close friendship. She and Kadrance are almost inceperable, they train together and she even lives with him for a time. Then after 3 years they find out she is pregnant with a baby girl they name Ashley. 2 years later they are expecting another baby girl they name Lailla. They never marry but they stay together until the end.


Mickey is devious, sarcastic and brash. She is quiet at times, kind and fun to be around. She is caring, loving and a little cynical. But Mickey loves her family and she would do anything at all for them.

Mickey stands over jacon's dead body

Mickey finds Jacon's dead body:*(


She finds Jacon's dead body

Is closest to Emmie

Wears Jacon's Z earing

Has her parents intinals tatooed on the knuckles of her other hand

Is always seen wearing her signiture purple boots.

Is a full blooded saiyan

The tatoo on her knuckles are P, M+E and J, meaning P for Pan, M+E meaning Mickey+ Emmie. J for Jacon

Also has Umbrakinesis

Her most dormant power is Lythekinesis

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