Morr is the son of Paragus and Crita. When Rodock was born, her granny promises that Rodock will be Morr's wife when she becomes 18 years old. He loves Rodock so much and is always there to her. Morr is one of the most strongest saiyans, 'couse he is ssj7. Morr looks like his little brother Broly and even Rodock doesn't always recognice him from Broly. Morr loves Rodock and her kids, he nurtures them like they were his childs. Morr is also the captain of the Team True. 

Broly new hair style by kotenka1984

Morr pretending to be Broly

Childhood and family

Morr grows with his grandmother and don't have many friends. He waits that Rodock comes to age 18 and can marry him. But when he is 26 years old he can't wait anymore. Morr comes to Earth and takes Rodock's men one by one. They just dissapear and Rodock has just Broly with her. Then Morr fights with Broly and drugs him. Then he switches their clothes and pretends to be Broly. Rodock noticed it, but doesn't say anything. Morr turns out to be a perfect husband, but Vegeta and Goku find their way to back home. When all of them are back in home, they start to ask things for Morr. Broly looses control of his powers and tries to attack his brother. Morr just laughs and tries to kick Broly. Rodock jumps in the way and takes the kick to herself. She gets badly injured and Bardock takes her to Planet Vegeta's hospital. Morr hates himself for that, but Rodock isn't mad. Morr becomes part of her family and trains with her. 

Morr hates Paragus, just like his little brother. Paragus wasn't ever there to him, and doesn't even admit that Morr is his son. Morr believes that Paragus raped her mother, but it wasn't really like that. Crita was just falling in love with Paragus, but then Negima comes to Paragus's life.

When Rodock leaves her husbands, Morr stays with her and her kids.


Morr laughes at Rodock

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