My Mirror, Sword and ShieldEdit

My Mirror, Sword and Shield are a 2 brother 1 sister fighting team.

My Mirror,Sword and Shield logo.

They are a group of extremly skilled and powerful mercanaries, they are also triplets. Their sister Mirror controlls and calls the shots in the group, she also keeps track of the money. Her brothers help her fight and carry out the missions.

They are villains but they do sort of help the Z-Fighters with the android problems and the Majin Jace and Talina problem. They are mysterious and secretive. But they are effective and they carried out every mission successfully.

Back StoryEdit

My Mirror, Sword and Shield was formed by Mirror and her 2 brothers; Sword and Shield after their parents were killed by mercanaries right in front of them.They vowed to evenge their parents, so they trained. So when they were 14 they went and killed the man who ordered the hit on their parents. They also killed the men responsible for actually killing their parents. They became well known in the world of crime, so they got plenty of jobs. They built up a reputation and soon they were making millions a year.


When they got assigned a mission they would track down and then watch the target for 6 days. After the 6 days were up they moved in on the target at their home. Mirror and Sword toyed with the target for a while; by letting them think there was hope. Then in one swift move the target was taken out by Shield. Then they left MSS on the body with animals blood. Then they'd chop of the targets left pinky finger as proof the job was done. Then they'd return and take their pay.

Personal LifeEdit

My Mirror, Sword and Shield have a life outside of being mercanaries. In their free time they mostly train but they do love to shop and spend money. They never settle in one place because they don't want the authorities to suspect anything. They make all purchases in cash or if they use a credit card, it has been stolen. When they train it is very heavy duty and there is very much damage inflicted on each other but they are tough, very strong and very willing. They are very close and they are together 99% of the time.


-Is a 2 brother, 1 sister mercanary group

-Shield takes the target out while Mirror and Sword toy with the target

-They love to shop

-Are a group of triplets

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