Back HistoryEdit

The Order of the Claw is an organization of fighters that all have animal spirits. It was formed on the Planet Vulparion and it spread through the universe now it is on Planet Hettavilla, Planet Karaian, New Mininsa and even Earth.

Also The Order of the Claw is part of a martial art school that is how they get some of their members. The school is called Pi Shua, they are called Pi Shua Order of the Claw.

How Do You Join the Order of the Claw?Edit

The only way you can join the Order of the Claw is if you are a blood relative of one of the origanal members or if you have certain connection to the council or the spirit. You can also join if you are part of the Pi Shua school but you have to be chosen by the Masters on the High Council.

Ranks and TatoosEdit

Masters= 4 claw marks

Semi-Masters= 3 claw marks

Moderate= 2 claw marks

Rookie/Cub= 1 claw mark


-4 ranks of members

-Have animal spirits

-Is part of the Pi Shua school

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