Paracen is the daughter of Kalena and
Paracen - Copy


Keren. She is 1/2 human, 1/2 Mininsa Jiin. She is sassy, stubborn and tempermental. Paracen loves to fight and she loves her family.

Paracen's PowersEdit

Paracen is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Psychokiensis and Photokiensis. Psychokiensis allows her to be able to control and munipulate the minds of others, she can make them do as she pleases. Photokinesis allows her to be able to trap her enemies in a photo. Paracen is an incredible fighter and she loves fighting.


Paracen is tempermental, sassy and stubborn. She is smart and she is very talented. Paracen loves her family and she loves fighting.


-Is 1/2 Mininsa Jiin

-Has baby blue ki

-Her most dormant is Kromokinesis

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