Pari Angel Edit

Pari angel smile

Pari Angel.

Pari Angel is the last shared creation of Dr.Tsukiyomi and Dr.Light. She is there most powerful android, and like Majin Buu she takes on a pretty innocent appearance. She is kind, quiet and observant. Pari Angel is not allowed to fight unless it is a fight that can't be won by there others androids together, then she can step in. She fights Dr.Hanh but she lets Seripa and Vella finish him off on the other hand after Z2 kills Athelia, Atlas goes and fight Z2. He got him into a corner then fired a huge ki blast, Z2 escaped in the destruction, then from the look Dr.Tsukiyomi had she went to have her first real fight. She toys with Z2 for a time then when she gets tried of him she finishes him off. She returns and lives her life with her large family until sadly she is destroyed fighting Evil Kid Buu.

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