The Pharoh Tunatun's ChildrenEdit

Tunatan is the Pharoh of the planet of Icetope. He has 3 wifes; Satet, Mafdet, and Hemsut. He also has 8 kids each from one wife or another.

Here are their names from oldest to youngest: Era Venet, Maahes Ro, Socumia Rii, Taurtet, Tova Ji, Fereta Meir, Vereta Meir, and Kaktra.

He had Era Venet and Socumia Rii with Satet.

He had Maahes Ro and Kaktra with Marfdet.

He had Taurtet, Tova Ji, Fereta Meir, and Vereta Meir with Hemsut.

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