Pledge is the youngest son of Seigo and Saltridar. He is 8 years younger than Carge and 7 and 1/2 years younger than Armet. He is kind, thoughtful and quiet. He is very smart and likes to observe fight training. Pledge is not a fighter, he is a healer. He heals his parents and brother Carge a few times after training or after a fight. He also heals Brotur more than once, Brotur is in fact his godfather. He looks up to him and enjoys spending time with his cousins; Tenchur, Miig and Rachun. His godmother is Seige, he is close to her and can trust her with anything. Pledge looks up to his parents and his big brothers. He meets and later marries Feather. Pledge loves his family very much and would do anything for them.
Pledge heals brotur

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