Pyra is the 2nd oldest daughter of

Pyra Shinhan Kale Moret.

Erebus and Nyx, she is also the twin sister of Pariah. She works at her sisters hospital as a nurse. She lives with her sister and her niece Cloves, and her nephew Cotton. She is NOT a fighter but she and her family help the Z-Fighters and work as their medic as well as civillians.


Pyra is sweet, fun and energentic. She is kind and caring. She will always looking out for others and she always has a back up plan. She loves her sister Pariah, her niece Cloves, her nephew Cotton and her daughter Millie.


I will help whoever I can, whenever I can.
Pyra len and little millie

Pyra, Len and little Millie.

Later onEdit

When she is 18 she meets a name Len. He is upset because his sister was killed by the androids. He wants to fight them but he knows that he is not strong enough. She simpathiazes with him and she even helps him join the Z-Fighters. They become close and a year later she is pregnant with a girl they name is Millie. Sadly, he is killed when he is attacked by Android 18 model 2. She is devestated but she stays strong and she knows they will always be together. Pyra and Len never got married.


-She and Len never marry

-Is a nurse

-She and her sisters Topaz and Turquoise are all herbalists

-Is NOT a fighter

-She forgets thinks easy

-She is younger than Pariah (Pariah is born August 17 at 11:42 and she is born August 17 at 11:45)

-Can fly

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