Qwaser Edit


Qwaser Yartrusjio.

Qwaser is the husband/bodyguard to Prilicia. He is the "father" of Tasawer and Danlk and the father to Kaloa. He is quiet, thoughtful and cunnning. He is strong and a brillant warrior and general. He fights for good and he does what he can to protect his people and his family. But before becoming a husband and a father he is a warrior and a Konats war general, he was part of the coucil that sent Minotia and Tapion away. His friend was in love with Prilicia and when he died he promised his friend he would care and watch out for her. Qwaser acts as her bodyguard and he is also the mentor to Tasawer and Danlk. He is skilled with a sword, dagger, spear or a bow and arrow.
Qwaser and tasawer

Qwaser and Tasawer talking before the war against the rogui.

Qwaser is a good, noble man who would lay down his life for his family and his people.

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