Ruby playing basketball.

Ruby is the middle daughter of Yamcha and Ima's triplets. She is a human but like her father (who is human) she is a fighter. She trains with and looks up to her older siblings; Trent, Yelena, and her stepsister Seige, she also looks up to her twins January and Dominique`. She strives to do her best and keep fighting. She joins the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen2 at age 5 with her siblings. She also tries to be a good role model for her younger siblings; Zelle and Auris. Ruby is kind, compassionate and a little ditzy at times. Along with fighting Ruby has a passion for basketball, she plays with most of the boys in the Z-Fighters/Gen2. Ruby does her best in both and many of her fighting techniques are derived from her playing basketball. She meets, falls for and marries Zerick, Bron and Amaya 's son. She has twins with him, a boy named Leon and a girl named Lidia. Ruby loves her family very much and would do anything for them.

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