Ryden is a Malcadh to Dr.Hanh but he
Ryden large


is repared and adopted by Dr. Yamori. He got the name Ryden from Kitai and Tora. He is quiet, stubborn and devious. Ryden loves fighting and he is very skilled.

Ryden's Powers:Edit

Ryden is a full physic fighter. He has Necrokinesis, Quantokinesis and Arthokiensis. Necrokinesis allows him to be able to control death and negative energy. It also allows him to be able to inflict death on others. Quantokinesis allows him to be able to control matter on a molecular level. Arthokinesis allows him to be able to control the functions of joints or tendons. Ryden can also go SSJ until level 8. He is skilled with a bow, batons, nun chucks, swords and daggers. Ryden is a very skilled and powerful fighter and he loves fighting.

Later on:Edit

Ryden meets Saviak when she arrives on Earth with her family. They date for a while and they have 2 children together; Candle and Tablym.


Quiet, Powerful, Devious, Smart, Kind, Stubborn, Willing, Cunning, Observant. Has a hateful look in his eyes, that is for Dr.Hanh. Ryden is a very nice person.


"You know what I am sick of playing around, time to bring out the big guns now!"


Got his scar from fighting Z2

Doesn't age

Is a member of the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen1

Hates Dr.Hanh

Has green ki

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