Saviak is an assasin of the Planet Kerom. She comes to Earth when she
Saviak 1

Saviak napping with Patrausi (in emtion).

is 14. She is best friends with Dorl, Riak, and Cobrau. She is a full blooded Kerom who arrives on Earth when she is 14 years old. She has 3 younger siblings; Cayelle, Keyille and Thron. And she also has a half brother; Patrausi. She is extremely skilled and powerful. She takes much after her mother who was also an assassin. She wears her scars proudly because each one represents her victories.

She meets Ryden, who she meets her first day on Earth. He is about to stab Crozoa (before she was killed by Demetri). She took pity on him, and saved him from a certain death. She sent Crozoa retreating, having under estimating her and her power.

She goes to stay with a friend, Dorl, Riak and their family. Upon learning about the androids and the Majin Jace and Talina problem. She keeps running into Ryden. and by the time the rest of her family arrives he is living with her having being invited by Dorl and Riak's mother.

Her older brother (Kaoz) approves of him and Saviak starts training him. And she falls in love with Ryden.

By the time she is 17 she is pregnant with their first child, Candle. They later have a son, Tablym.

She and Ryden never marry, but they remain together until the end.


Quiet, Stealthy, Smart, Spacey, Impatient, Passionate, Kind, Light Hearted, Always Prepared.


"I am killing you because you threatened my family for no other reason".


Likes taking naps

Has baby blue eyes

Is very connected to the Forest, and she spends a lot of time their

Got the scar on her leg from getting it slashed in battle, got the one on her arm from the fight with Crozoa, got the scar on her cheek from fighting an enemy back home.

Is always accompinied by her faithful ferret Patrausi

Carries a total of 4 weapons with her (a dagger stealthed at her side, bow and arrow in the sling on her back, sword at her side, and another dagger stealthed in her boot.

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