Sear 'niecy'

Sear is the daughter of Lenira and Draven. She is thoughful, kind and is quick to anger. Like her mothers saiyan side she has a temper and she is a fighter as well (like both her parents). She looks up to her parents and her uncle Briar who she is closest to (her uncle affectionatly calls her 'niecy'). She is 1/2 saiyan and 1/2 human. Sear loves being around the Z-Fighters and other saiyan children such as Seth's kids. She enjoys fighting, clothes shopping and braclet making. But when she fights her whole heart is in it, she loves fighting. At age 15 she falls for Promise and they start dating, 3 years later they are married with a baby on the way. Sear loves her family very much and she would do anything for them.

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