Seige Wolf Beauen.

Seige is a student of Korin. He trained her father but her father never indeed new her, in fact her father always thought of her as just a friend to the Z-Fighters. Her father is..Yamcha. He and her mother had a realationship for about 2 months and broke up, so heartbroken her mother left and never told Yamcha. She tells Korin this and he promises not to tell unless she wants to. She does eventually tell him about him being her father. but it is after Majin Jace and Talina return to normal. Seige is a fighter and she does her best to help the Z-Fighters. She is Korin's mesage runner and student. She is also good friends with Mickey and Emmie. After Seige tells Yamcha of her being his daughter Seigo and Saltridar have there egg. She tells them to call if they need anything, Seigo gets sick. She comes everyday to help out. When the egg hatches she is asked to be his godmother. She loves Pledge very much and would do anything for him. After meeting her siblings she gets close to them, she loves dearly. She also takes a fondness to Ima but never thinks of her as a mother. Seige later falls for Caran, they date for a while then marry but not before finding out she was pregnant. They get married when she is 6 months pregnant, then 3 months later she gives birth to there baby boy Promise. Seige loves her family very much and would do anything for them.

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