Seripa is the daughter of Broly and
Seripa what the

Seripa, what was that?

Battle. She is the younger sister of Bladen, the twin of Vella and the older sister of Rhi. She is a full blooded saiyan and she has the power of one. She is a lot like her father, she is tempermental, powerful and independant. Seripa loves fighting and she loves her family very much.

Seripa's PowersEdit

Seripa is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Hydrokinesis and Haemokinesis. Hydrokiensis alllows her to control and bend liquids. Haemokinesis allows her to be able to control and bend the blood in another body. Seripa went Super Saiyan early on, she was incontrollable in SSJ 3 form. She does not go into it because she is afraid that she will hurt the ones she loves. She also has the spirit of the Black Panther. These are some traits of the Panther she has; stealth, extreme sense of logic and common sense, and agility. Seripa's power and strength is incredible, she is an extremly gifted fighter.

Later onEdit

When Seripa is 16 she meets a human named David. He is fighting Android 12 with a knife. She decides to go help him. She forces Android 12 to retreat, he under estimated her power. He thanks her then he walks away. She goes home and tells her sister about the man. The next day she goes to the Pariah's hospital, she finds the man their, he is near death. His little sister looks at her and thanks her for saving her brother. She is shocked but she guesses that the boy told her that. Come to find out his name is David and he is raising his little sister Daffodil, because he mother over dosed a year ago. She pities them and decides to care for Daffodil until David heals. 2 months later he comes to Seripa's house looking for his sister. They are reunited and he thanks her. They get to talking and after all is settled, she is going to take David as her student. He and Daffodil move in, then out of no where they kiss. They start dating shortly after that, a year later she finds out she is pregnant with a baby girl named Cheers. Seripa loves her family dearly and she would do anything for them.


Seripa is tempermental, powerful, and independant. She is stubborn, headstrong and quiet. She is very smart and observant, she is also very secretive. She loves the thrill of a fight and she never backs down from a fight, even if she knows she can't win. She likes to be only, in peace and quiet. She has a hard time showing her softer side, she shows it only to her family.


-Is a daddy's girl

-Has black ki

-Is closest to Vella and Senta

-Her father gave her, her choker

-Her most dormant power is Metakinesis

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