Serpintine is the oldest daughter of Garnet and Dante.
Serpentine 1.0

Serpentine (:happy:)

She has a speical power that allows her to be able to bend and re-shape reality. She is protective of her sisters and she dotes and adores them.

Serpintine's PowersEdit

Serpentine has Hydrokinesis and Umbrakinesis. Hydrokinesis allows her to be able to control water and any other liquid. Umbrakinesis allows her to control darkness. She has a power that allows her to be able to bend and re-shape dimensions. She can combine this power with her powers of Umbrakinesis and she can send her enemies (or people she chooses) into a dark never ending dimension. She used this technique when she fought the assassains that were out to kill her and her cousin Celsia. They wanted Celsia for her unique DNA structure and they would do anything to get it. Serpentine used the technique and the assassains were sent to a black, never ending, void of a dimension. She was out for 6 days and she didn't know how to use the power. She can't use that power unless she is under extreme anger or extreme anguish.


She is very smart and docile. She is very docile, quiet and caring she is always willing to lend a hand. She loves to help people and she fights for the sake of the innocent. She knows that she is doing good and she tries her best to improve the way she fights. Most of her life she stands by as her family is in danger trying to protect her and her friends. But she enjoys every moment of peace and she loves to have fun and hang out with friends and family.

She has a bitchy streak like her mother Garnet but that side of her is rarely seen. That side of her is only seen when you piss her off. And when you make her mad you will be sorry.

She tries to trust but she is double crossed by what she thought was her best friend Doreena. Doreena betrays her by handing her over to the assassains. Serpintine sends her to one of her dark, never ending, portals. After that she was very untrusting to people.

She tries to believe that all people have good in them and she over looks most peoples faults. She is a very good person and she always tries to be helpful.


-She is 3 years older than her sisters; Malachite, Aventurine and Variscite

-She is 1/2 android

-She has Umbrakinesis (control over darkness) and when combined with her special power she can create (dark, never ending, portals)

-She is named after a gem

-She has her mothers temper

-Her most dormant power is Umbrakinesis

-Has light blue ki