Shield is the older "brother" of Mirror. He is also the "brother" of Sword. He is


acutally not realated to Mirror or Sword. His real parents were killed, and they were friends with Mirror's parents, so they took him in as their own. He is also the executioner for My Mirror, Sword and Shield. Shield is an extremly skilled fighter, he loves the thrill of a powerful oppenent.

Shield's Back StoryEdit

When he was a baby only about 3 weeks old, his parents were taken out by the same people that would kill Mirror and Sword's parents (Korge and Meena). As a result he became an orphan, so when Korge and Meena came to check on them they discovered him. They called him their own and so he became the middle child of Korge and Meena.


Has Umbrakinesis

Is skilled with a sword, dagger, knives, batons and nun chucks.

Is quick and quiet

Doesn't show emotions

Is very stealthy


Quiet, Observant, Kind, Devious, Cunning, Always Prepared, Skilled.

Love LifeEdit

On day while on a mission Sword gets mortally wounded. They were able to escape and they headed to their home. After they got Sword settled, Mirror asked what the man meant when he said "How are you enjoying your new life, Sheild?". He got quiet and that's when she knew something was up. He told her what happened, she was stunned but she just gave him a big hug. They began talking and eventually they end up kissing. They have this secret romance for almost 3 years without Sword knowing, but one day he catches them kissing. He freaks and holds them at sword point and demands to know the truth. They tell him and he looses it. When Sword tries to stab Mirror, he looses it and kills Sword. They go outside and burn the body. After that they pack their bags and valuebles up then leave, but not before setting the house on fire. The two fly to Capsule Corp. and speak with the Z-Fighters, they join and become good from then on.


Is not really related to Mirror and Sword

Is very skilled with weapons

Only shows emotions to Mirror

-Got his scar on a mission

Shield is not his real name, it is the name given to him but Korge and Meena

Author's NoteEdit

Mirror and Sheild are villains that went good so just their is no confusion.

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