Soul Twins Edit

Soul twin sign

Soul Twin symbol. The triangle symbolizes the Mininsa-Jiin heritage. The two flames represent the twins souls together in harmony. The symbol under the triangle is the infinity symbol for luck and good fortune, finally the gold circle around the symbols is a circle of protection for the twins.

Soul Twins are twins that have different parents but they are still related. They are usually cousins but there are rare occasions that the soul twins are stepbrother/sister of even an aunt or uncle close in age. These things vary. But an example of cousin soul twins are Acacia and Anemone. Soul Twins occur in older cultures but they still exist in the Mininsa Jiin culture today.

History: Edit

Soul Twins have existed in many cultures back in the older times. But the first to have Soul Twins were the Mininsa Jiin's. The first two Soul Twins came about in the year 567 A.D. they were a girl and boy set named: Atrami and Axelti. They ruled New Mininsa with the triplets until 585 A.D. then in the warm season in the 3rd month the twins were asassainated. They now live with the Gods on Planet Hacana. They also control the cycle of Life and Death. Atrami the female control the cycle of Life and her brother Axelti controls the cycle of death. But that's just come back history of the first Soul Twins.

Soul Twins on New Mininsa:Edit

The Soul Twins on New Mininsa are revered and very respected. Soul Twins are only born into the royal family or a noble family. The Soul Twins of a noble family usually rule along side the twins. If a set of Soul Twins are born into the Shinhan royal family directly they rule along side the twins. Or in some cases if the triplets need to go on a mission off the planet, the Brace or the Shinhan royal twins take over until the Triplets return. This happened when the 23rd triplet set took the throne they had a important mission off Earth and the Soul Twins took over but in the end they couldn't stop the prohecy of Frieza destroying the planet. So nearly 99% of the population left the planet in a royal spaceship for war.But the 1% that stayed behind were either killed in the planets destruction or they were killed by Frieza or his men. But after then buying a planet from Frieza (that was the only way to insure there safety) they added a new Crown but kept the royal twins for 4 more years.


Are usually cousins

Only Shinhan Royal Twins can take over rule when the Triplets are off on a mission

Soul Twins origanated from New Mininsa

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