Starz is the 3rd oldest daughter of Bron and Amaya Shinhan. She is also the twin sister
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Starz Shinhan.

of Kadrance, she is the oldest of the 2. She is much like Amaya because she is very sweet natured and very kind. She is also very shy, but she is not afraid to speak her mind or add her imput. She is both a mental and a physical fighter. Starz has access to Aerokinesis, Metakinesis, and Plirokinesis. Starz is very trustworthy and she is a very good listener.

Starz PowersEdit

Starz is both a mental and a physical fighter but she is mostly a physic fighter. She has access to Aerokinesis, Metakinesis and Plirokinesis. Aerokinesis allows her to be able to control the air or the weather. Metakinesis allows her to be able to control anything metal or metal based. Plirokinesis allows her to munipulate information and take information from other sources. Starz can use her own spiritual energy and her Super Orodon state to become a "Spiritual Butterfly" this is her most powerful attack. It allows her to use her spirit against her enemies spirit. Starz is an incredible fighter both mentally and physically.

Later onEdit

When Starz his 15 she meets and falls for a earth man named Will. When she finds out she is pregnant Will leaves her because he doesn't want a child. Once they seperate Starz stays with Bron and Amaya so she can have the baby their. 9 months later she gives birth to a baby boy named Mikhail. She stays single for 3 years, then she meets a Minisan man named
Starz chasing messih 2.0

Starz chasing Messih.

Messih. They are hit and miss for a while but finally things get serious and sortly after she finds out she is pregnant with a baby girl. After her 17th birthday she gives birth to healthy baby girl they later name Julia. She and Messih marry sortly after Julia's birth. Starz loves her family and her friends dearly and she would do anything for them.


-Starz is both a mental and a physical fighter

-She has lime green ki

-She is 16 when she meets Messih

-She was born a technical day before Kadrance because she is born August 31 at 11:58 and Kadrance is born on September 1 at 12:01

-She has Aerokinesis

-Her personality is much like Amaya's

-Her most dormant power is Hydrokinesis &nbsp