Stephanie is the life partner of Mirai Shinhan. She is a fighter and she has a
Mirai and stephanie 01

Mirai and Stephanie.

vast hidden power, that can turn her into a huge red monster and she would be controlling the monster and whats more she would be fueling its anger. She loves Mirai and Seerie and she would do anything for them.

Stephanie's PowersEdit

Stephanie is a mental fighter and a physical fighter. She has Pyrokinesis and Magonkinesis. Magonkinesis allows her to be able to control and munipulate phone waves, WI-FI signals and magnetic fields. Pyrokinesis allows her to be able to control and bend fire.

Stephanie also has a power that takes all her anger and it transforms her into a huge, scaley, red monster. She is sealed inside the monsters heart fueling its rage.

Later onEdit

When she turns 10 her mother dies and she is left alone and she looses it. She goes on a rampage and she is even to strong for any androids to stop her. The monster fired a blast and all the Z Fighters assessembled and fired off their own ki blasts. It was enough to throw the girl out of the monster. She was dazed and scared but Mirai offered a hand and helped her up. She apoligized and said thank you to the Z-Fighters. When Mirai asked her where she was going to she told him she didn't know. Pearl offered to take her in. She accepted, and then she offically became a Z-Fighters. 3 years later she and Mirai started dating. They had also been working on controlling her power. 3 years after that she found out she was pregnant with their daughter Seerie. She and Mirai never marry but they do remain life partners until the end. Stephanie loves her family and she would do anything for them.


Stephanie is sweet as sugar and she loves to lend a hand. But when you make her mad thats when things get ugly. She holds a fierce grudge but she is a really good natured person at heart.


-She has a tatoo that reads 'Love Me Hate Me Either Way Your Thinking of
Love me hate me

Stephanie's tatoo

Me' on her back

-Her father left Stephanie and her mother when she was 3

-She and Mirai are almost equal in power

-She hates her father

-Loves Music

-Has light purple ki

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