Super Bebe:Edit

Super bebe

Super Bebe is the shared creation of Dr.Myuu and Dr. Gero. She is the replacement of Super 17 because GT never happens. She is created to kill all the Z-Fighters and there allies. But instead of obeying the doctors' she obeys Talina, Talina installed a camoflauge glove which contained the last bits of purity and light she had, so there for that made Bebe good. She takes on the appearance of a girl between age 7-10. Bebe has tatoos on her face of a line and stairs that is her mark from Gero and Myuu. She is extremely powerful and if she does harm someone it is not intensional. She sometimes has bursts of power she can't control, that is the software of the doctors' frying to get rid of the evil. She later gets rid of the evil and becomes good. Bebe lives at Capsule Corp. and looks to Trunks as a role model, she is kind and very sweet when you get to know her, but at first she seems quiet and very withdrawn.

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