Tapion is the husband of Calcite, he is the biological


father of Ametrine and the surrogate father to Tears and Mackenzie. He loves Calcite and the girls to bits and he would do anything for them. He fights along side the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen1.

Tapion's PowersEdit

Tapion once had the top half of Hirudegarn sealed inside him and even when the monster was destroyed he still had its essence. So thus he now the spirit of Hirudegarn and the essence of the Dragon. These powers allow him to be able to control and accesss all forms of kinesis.

Later onEdit

Tapion meets Calcite when he joins
Calcite and tapion

Calcite and Tapion.

the Z-Fighters. She is hurt after fighting Hirudegarn and Tapion flies her to safety. He never leaves her side the whole time and she is touched by that. After that they talk for a while and that seals the deal. She already has Tears and Mackenzie but even though she and Tapion are together the girls don't mind and they grow very fond of Tapion. A few years later they have a daughter, her name is Ametrine. They marry when Ametrine is 3.


Tapion keeps to himself most of the time the only exeption is when he is having a heart to heart with Calcite. He is strong willed and comprimize is not in the question for him. He is independent but he knows when it is time to ask for help, he is very wise.


-Trunks has Tapion's sword but from a different timeline

-He and Calcite love to talk

-He reunites with his brother when Ametrine is 7

-He has the essence of Hirudegarn

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