Tarrasa is the lover of Maritonan. She is also the second mother of


Celsia. When she and Maritonan got together they descused having a baby. Once there minds were made up so they went to see Joseph and he agreed to let them use his DNA. He agreed on 2 conditions. 1 he wanted to have equal custody of the child as they did. 2 he wanted the baby raised having 2 mothers and 1 father. They agreed and shortly after that Joseph moved in with them. 9 months later Maritonan gave birth to their baby, Celsia. Tarrasa, Maritonan and Joseph love Celsia to bits and they let her become a Z-Fighters/Gen2 when she is 10.

Tarrasa's PowerEdit

Tarrasa is a fighter and she aids the Z-Fighters/Gen1 and tries to help them whenever she can. She always tries to find new ways to improve the way she fights and she helps Celsia get stronger. She and Joseph help each other and Celsia get stronger and they help her unlock her powers of -Kinesis. Tarrasa has access to Pyrokinesis which allows her to control fire. She also has a special power that allows her to be able to "Teleport". It is very simillair to Goku's "Instant Transmission". Tarrasa is a great fighter and she is always looking for ways to improve the way she fights.


Tarrasa is loyal and very head strong. She is a very driven heart and she tries to be positive about every situation. Tarrasa does have a bitchy streak but you only see that side of her when you make her mad.


It is always better to have a back up plan this way if things go bad at least you will be prepared
Maritonan and tarrasa 2

Maritonan and Tarrasa <kiss>

Trivia Edit

-She is a fighter both physically and mentally

-She goes bitchy when you make her mad

-Herself, Maritonan and Joseph raise Celsia togethe

-She wears pink even though she is a tomboy

-She has access to Pyrokinesis

-She has a technique simillair to Goku's "Instant Transmission"