Tauret worried.

Tauret is the eldest daughter of Turles and Ai. She is a full blooded saiyan and she has both the temper and powers of a saiyan. From an early age she was trained to fight and her power level soared but soon things got out of hand so restrictions were made on her powers to keep in controllable. But after finding out she was angry and since that day she carries a lot of hate and that's what fuels her flame and fighting drive. She enjoys fighting and it takes up most of her time. Along with fighting she enjoys sword practice and she enjoys spending time with her younger sister Sagira. Tauret also volenteers at Pariah in some of her other free time, she is usually found helping out in the maternity ward. She is closest to Sagira and she can trust her with anything. Tauret loves fighting and her family and would do anything to keep them safe.

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