Tein is the older sister of Titi and Teela. She is 20 years old. She doesn't look like her sisters very much because they have pink hair and baby blue eyes. She has blue hair and light blue eyes. She doesn't like when


people tell her they don't look alike, that is her biggest pet peeve. Tein is usually found fighting or training to kill someone. She is an assassain and that's how she makes her living. She fights along side her sisters Titi and Teela. She is a lot more like a nanny to them than an older sister. But she always has their backs. Thus she has to deal with the fighting, screaming and yelling between the 2.

She only has one child, a boy named Bryden and he has the personality of his mother.


She doesn't like arguing with her sisters or her son

-She is calm, but likes noise and loud music

-She is smart and cunning


-She's an assassain

- Even though she can be careless, she is protective of her sister

-Lives in Southeast City

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