Tenchur at the lookout talking to piccolo

Tenchur at the Lookout talking to Piccolo.

Tenchur is the oldest "child" of Tranica, he is really a egg that was produced by Brotur along with Miig's egg. He is 8 human years older Miig and Rachun . He is quiet, responsible and a good big brother. He is always there for Miig and Rachun . He loves his mother but she is usually not at home or she is off fighting or thieving. His childhood was far from normal, his mother was in and out as well as his uncle was. But he is loyal to them and he loves and respects them greatly. He is usually acompanied by Miig and later Rachun, he is closest to Miig. Tenchur meets Avelynn shortly after meeting the Z-Fighters, instantly he falls for and later he wins her away from her old boyfriend. They later marry and have a child together. He is also pretty smooth talking and he can usually get outta trouble with words but he is still an incredible and skilled fighter. Tenchur loves his family and would do anything to keep them safe.


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