Trunks is pretty much the same as he is in the Normal DBZ Timeline. He is
Teen maja trunks

Teen Maja Trunks.

the son of Vegeta and Bulma. He is also the older brother of Bra and Pride. He is the best friend and fusion partner of Goten, he is also 1 year older than Goten.

Later onEdit

When Trunks is 17 he meets a girl named Melissah, he finds her at a dock and she looks sad. She tells him her brother was killed by the androids and she had no where to go. He sat their with her and they starting hanging out. He meets her at the dock 2 times a week and they start dating. They marry a year and a half later and they have 3 children together. The oldest a boy named Cameron, the second oldest a girl named Fiere, and the youngest a girl named Tammi.

Trunks does have another son, his name is Cotton and that is his son with Pariah from another timeline. He and Pariah are constently fighting over him but he is the peace keeper. He loves Cotton and he has partial custody of him. Trunks loves Cotton and he would anything for him and the rest of his family.


Trunks can fuse with his best friend Goten. Their fusion is called Gotenks.



Fusion TechniquesEdit

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Splitting Headache

Flash Finish


Galactic Donut

Cannon Revenge

Shout Vice

Volleyball Attack

High Speed Rush

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