Turk is the middle child of Piccolo and Kat. He is there only and oldest son and he is also the twin of Kellalai. He is closest to his twin and his other sisters Avelynn and KJ. He is kind, stubborn, quiet and usually very reserved. Turk is a fighter and he joins the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen2 when he is 7. He is a skilled physically and mentally in fighting, he has a lot of his fathers' strengths and his mothers speed. He is a lot like he father by being quiet and more reserved but he is like his mother in the sense that his personality is a lot like hers. Turk meets Goya when she joins the  Z-Fighters, he laughs at her for looking so much like Goku. She hits him and though he is stunned they end up becoming great friends and they later date and have kids together. They have 2 girls when Goya is 16 and still in High School and even though he doesn't always get along with the Sons' he loves and cares about Goya and his 2 girls; Shirumee and Tapia just as much. Turk loves his family and fighting very much and would do anything for them.

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