Tuscan is a Namekian raised on Planet Namek. He is
Tuscan shockd as he sees kid buu transform

Tuscan as he sees Kid Buu transform.

only a child when Namek is destroyed. He is brought back and now lives on New Namek. He meets Talina when she comes to train on New Namek. He is curious and he follows her around while she trains. Though the Elders and others from the village tell him to leave her alone she doesn't mind, they become great friends. Through the whole time she is Majin he keeps saying she is innocent. He gets Elder Moori to let Talina use the dragonballs. He is a fighter and is trained by Talina. He later dies to injuries sustained through fighting Kid Buu on Earth. He is brought back to Namek and dies there but not before giving birth to an egg. He tells Talina with his last breath to take care of his child who Talina names Tuscan Jr , he also confesses that he has loved her since he met her. She smiles and takes his child back to Earth, there she raises him with the knowledge that he has 2 fathers. Jace his father that raises him and Tuscan his father who died. He loved life and watches out for his family, he loves them very much.

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