Tyranna :)

Tyranna is the girlfriend of Davey. She is also the mother of Khonsumi, Belinda and Darrack. She is the best friend to Amy etc.

She is a born fighter and she was bred to fight. She was trained by her father who was an underground boxer. She loves fighting and she is always itching for a super powerful fight. She can break many barriers of powers.

She is a skilled knives man and she is a skilled boxer. She prefers fighting with a knife rather than a fist to fist. She makes it point in life to train and grow stronger. She loves her family very much.

She looks out for her boyfriend Davey and her kids Khonsumi, Belinda and Darrack. She also looks out for her best friend Amy and her family.

She helps the Z-Fighters after they save Davey and Belinda from Android 7. She also joins the Z-Fighters because it gives her a chance to face up against super powerful opponents, somethings she craves.

She falls in love with Davey but never marries him. She also shows him that love is not a point of weakness.

They have 3 kids together: Khonsumi, Belinda and Darrack.

She is also a professional knives man and boxer. Her father ran an underground boxing ring, that's how she learned to fight. She learned how to use a knife after she left home and stole a knife from a sword shop. Even though her past was rough she never lets it slow her down. But will a former boxing opponent come back for her and threaten her family?


Kind, Quiet, Smart, Always Prepared, Meek, Trouble Maker, Cynical, Overall a nice person.


Has purple ki

Has a total of 5 body piercings

Never marries Davey

Is skilled with a knife

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