Uub is pretty much the same as he is in the
Uub dbz

Uub smiling after Bia says yes to a sunset stroll.

normal Dragonball Z Timeline. He still the reincarnated version of Fat Majin Buu. He still has Goku as his mentor and they are almost equal in strength.

Uub's Love LifeEdit

He falls in love with one of Dr.Cris's androids. Her name is Android BC model 2 (Bia). She is working at the lookout with Mr. Popo. Popo introduces them and when she walks over to him to shake his hand, she trips. Uub catches her, they both blush and after that he asks her to watch him train. She agrees and once the day is over he asks her on a sunset stroll. She says yes and on that walk they kiss and only a year later they are enguaged and expecting a baby. They have a girl and they name her Rhiannon, 4 years later they have a boy they name Uub Jr.. Uub loves his family and would do anything to protect them.


Don't under estimate my strength because of my stature, think of me as the one that takes you down instead.


Uub is caring and very protective of Bia and his kids. Uub is noble and kind, he loves to help people and he will do anything to protect the ones that he loves and the innocent.


-He is the reincarnated version of Majin Buu

-He is 10 when Goku becomes his mentor

-Mr. Popo introduces him and Bia