Vella is the daughter of Broly and

Vella thinks

Battle. She is also the little sister to Bladen, twin of Seripa, and the older sister of Rhi. She is quiet, stubborn, clever and cynical. She is a full blooded saiyan with the temper of one. Vella loves her family and she would do anything for them.

Vella's PowersEdit

Vella is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Electrokiensis, Hydrokinesis and Biokinesis. Electrokinesis allows her to be able to control, bend, and create electricity. Hydrokiensis allows her to be able to control and bend liquids. Biokiensis allows her to be able to control DNA. Vella went SSJ early on and she can go to level 4. She is extremly powerful and she loves fighting.

Later onEdit

When Vella is 16 she meets a man named Darrian. He had just joined the Z-Fighters. They talk for a while, then 3 months later they start dating. 1 year later she finds out she is pregnant with a baby boy they name Zace. Vella loves her family and she would do anything for them.


Vella is stubborn, quiet, clever, and cynical. She is tempermenta;, noble and loyal. She is rersourcful and sneaky, and smart. Vella loves her family more than anything.


-Is a full blooded saiyan

-Has red ki

-Is an artist

-Is closest to her sister Seripa and her cousin Senta

-Her most dormant power is Dracokinesis

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