Vera is the mother of Virgo and Valaya. She is
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calm, cool and collective about everything. She is very good with dealing with people including her husband Sono's short temper. She has always been able to calm him down. She is also a very good mother and she can handle anything.

Story FlashbackEdit

Knowing Sono's temper she knew the dangers of being involved with him but she chose to take that risk because she loved him. She got her scar from Sono, he was angry because there home was going to be taken from them. Vera told 5 year old Virgo to take Valaya into cellar, lock the door and not to come out until she or Sono came for them. Virgo did as he was told and took Valaya to the cellar. Vera tried to calm Sono down but her efforts were in vain. His power just kept growing and he became a "Super Orodon" and easily tossed Vera out of his way. She just kept trying, but he just got angerier. Virgo peeked out of the cellar and watched as Sono slapped Vera so hard it sounded like a bone breaking. Come to find out Sono had used his "Tiger's Claw" technique and he gave Vera a nasty scar. Sono heard Virgo cryng and that's when he realized what he had done. He grabbed Vera and told Virgo to get Valaya so they could get Vera medical attention. Sono felt so guilty but Vera told him she understood the danger of his temper, she didn't want him to feel guilty and she loved him. Sono still hated himself for hurting Vera and scaring Virgo and Valaya. But she forgave him anyways and she held nothing against him for that day. Vera and her family moved in with Bron and Amaya when Virgo was 7.


Vera is very calm and she is a good problem solver. She can always control Sono's temper and she would do anything for him and her kids. She is very cool and collective also she can handle anything.


Honesty is the one thing you rely on in life use it wisely.