Yamcha doesn't differ much from his normal timeline
Yamcha 1

Yamcha pissed as Vegeta makes fun of him for marrying Ima.

counterpart. He does find a new love her name is Ima. He has 7 children with her Trent, Yelena, January, Ruby, Dominique`, Zelle and Auris. He also has a daughter with a woman before he meets Ima, he even know the woman is pregnant. He later meets his daughter thinking she is a friend of the Z-Fighters, her name is Seige. Unlike in the other timeline he doesn't chicken out and he knows how to keep a trusting realationship. He is a better guy in the DBZ Maja Future. His powers stay the same and his power reaches almost a million at death.

Yamcha and ima

Yamcha and Ima kissing at the Coma Club in East City.