Z2 is the 2nd creation of Dr.Hanh. He is Hanh's prodigy but he doesn't always follow orders, he uses them more to do what he wants. For instance if Hanh told him to target and eliminate a human/android or Z-Team member he would complete the task but he will toy with his targets and carry out his own vendettas first. Z2 is a cruel and ruthless machine, he truly has no heart or compassion for anyone for himself. He is heartless, cold and very cocky. Z2 is responsible for many human deaths as well as wounding many civillians and Z-Fighters. He is responisble for the deaths of Jacon, Android K133 (revived) and many others. He is along with being a ruthless killer he is quite a ladies man, he is manogimess and doesn't care who he hurts. Z2's powers are almost equal to what powers/power level Talina and Jace posses. He is finally killed by Atlas.

Z2 is proceeded by Z2 model 2.

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