Zelle is the youngest daughter of Yamcha and Ima. She is shy, quiet and she keeps to herself. Its when you piss her off that she gets loud and very bitchy. Zelle has 5 older siblings; Trent, Yelena, January, Ruby, Dominique`, she also has a younger brother Auris. She also has a stepsister named Seige. Zelle loves them very much and she always has there backs.

Zelle PowersEdit

Zelle has Aerokinesis and Lythikinesis. Aerokinesis allows her to be able to control air and the weather. Lythikinesis allows her to be able to control and munipulate light.She can also use this tehnique to blend into any light.Zelle is a mental and a physical fighter. She is a gifted fighter and fights with the Z-Fighters/Gen2 sense age 5.


Zelle is sweet and kinda of quiet. She is a little sarcastic but she loves helping people. She tries her best and she has the spirit of her parents as she fights.


-Has Lythikinesis

-Is like both her parents

-Puar is her pet

-She is 1/2 an android

-Is close to Yelena