Zodiac Android 17Edit

Zodiac 17

Zodiac 17 is the 17th creation of Professor Zodiac. She carries herself as a tough, independant and very stubborn women. She is close to really no one until she meets 18, he doesn't speak but she can trust him. When she finds out that at near his time of creation which was actually before hers, he talked badly to the Professor and as punishment the Professor cut his tounge out leaving a nasty scar across his lip from the struggle. Inraged she finds the Professor and single handedly kills him and with her partners help she destroys the lab. From there they go on and live life rampaging the Earth. 17 has a way of getting her way, she is also more ruthless then her partner 18. He is more apt to let people live when she is more to kill them and move on. She is a fashion and jewlery hound, she has her own style and hates it when someone ruins her outfit. Though cold and ruthless she loves 18 very much and would do anything to protect him. She gets her scars protecting him from Goku.

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