Zuko ummmm

Zuko is the son of Tien and Launch, but he is their son from another timeline. He has both Launch's as his mother because in his timeline they don't serperate. Also he has a little sister from his timeline, her name is Aqaumarine.

Zuko is battle smart, kinda spacey like Blue Launch and he is lethal (deadly) like Blonde Launch when it comes down to it. He is devoted to his family and he comes back to try to save his timeline but when he returns their are no survivours in his timeline. He lives with Tien, Blonde Launch and his sisters and he visits his mother Blue Launch often because they live near each other.

Zuko's PowersEdit

Zuko is a mental and a physical fighter. He has Electrokinesis and Fantakinesis. Electrokinesis allows him to be able to control and create electricity. Fantakinesis allows him to be able to create fantasies and he can turn those fantisies real. He also has all of his fathers techniques and he always carries a gun and his sword. Zuko is an incrdible fighter and he carries the spirit of his family from his origanal timeline in his heart as he fights.


Zuko is smart, devious and kinda spacey. He loves to fight and he is honored to be a Shinhan. He fights for the family and the future he lost. He is prideful and very fight savvy. He is kind and very understanding when it comes down to things.


-Zuko got the scar from fighting an android in his timeline

-Is closest to Aquamarine

-He was 16 when he comes to Maja Future

-He has Electrokinesis

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